Choose Your Own Adventure

When I think about SXSW, I think about how many different ways there are to experience what SXSW has to offer.  I don’t think one way is better than another, they are different paths for achieving different objectives.  Some come on the traditional conference track of trying to cram as many sessions into their schedule as humanly possible.  Others come strictly for the networking while I think a majority of people tend to do some kind of hybrid.  There are those super human people who some how manage to attend a fair number of sessions and still manage to continue to build their networks.  This is why SXSW reminds me of those choose your own adventure style books.  There are lots of choices and lots of differenet endings.  There is no one correct way to participate.  Everyone I know comes back with positive experiences.

A big part of going to SXSW is the sessions.  Sometimes we go to sessions because we are interested in the topic, sometimes our friends drag us, and sometimes we go to support people’s work we admire and respect.  There are plenty of sessions to choose from depending on your interest and what type of attention span you have.  But in order for people to become part of the official agenda, SXSW asks the community to vote on the sessions they are most interested in.  This is your opportunity to tell all of us what issues are most on your mind.  It helps all us provide choices for all the people who attend SXSW to ensure we all have grand adventures in Austin.

This year I have submmited a session titled, “After the Honeymoon: Are You Still in Love?”.  This panel session will include Erik Boles, Venson Kuchipudi  and myself.  Brett Petersel will be moderating this session.  The focus of this session to talk about what do you do after you have been running your social media program for a year.  There have been plenty of discussions on how to get started using social media, how to achieve senior management buy in, how to start a community, how to select a tool and more.  What we haven’t seen as much discussion on is, what do you do after you have taken everyone’s advice?  What happens when your community starts to go stale or perhaps your management still isn’t convinced you are achieving the results they thought you promised?  These can be scary things to have to think about.  Like most people I assume you thought once you got started the hard work would be over.  Yes, this is partly true, but as with anything new challenges always surface.  And in year two and beyond those challenges are very different from the ones you tackled when you first started talking about social media.

At this session we will provide practical advice based on our respective experiences in commerical companies, startups, and across a number of industries including the Federal Government.  You will walk away with:

  • Better understanding of how social media should fit in to your organization,
  • Knowledge of the role innovation plays,
  • How to resource your social media efforts,
  • Importance of customized content, and
  • How to evaluate your work

Do you think that will cover all of the challenges you are facing?  Have we forgotten anything?  Please help us out by voting for us and add your comments to our panel submission.  We really do want to make sure that if you attend our session it will be a highlight of your adventures at SXSW.

This is your chance to determine what adventures will be available for people to choose from when they get to SXSW.  Don’t be shy -we can’t see who voted for us nor do we know how many votes we receive.  What we do know is that without your vote we won’t have a chance to help you take your social media programs to the next level.

Voting for the panel sessions will remain open until September 2, 2011.  Don’t forget to share some of your voting love, by taking a moment to look at some of the other sessions being proposed.  Thanks for your vote and support.

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2 Responses to Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. NOAA has a booth this year at SWSX to show off some of our games. We should track each other down. 🙂

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