The focus of this blog, by Lovisa A. Williams, is to talk about the issues governments face as they implement technology and social media into their work.  Perhaps one of the biggest components people over look  is the people.  All organizations are made up of humans.  If we want change to last then we must ensure the people component is taken into consideration and planned for.

This blog is named Athena’s Lightning because Athena was the patron goddess of Athens, home of government, she is the goddess of wisdom, civilization, strategic thought and the goddess of heroic endeavors.  One of her symbols is the lightning bolt just like her father, Zeus.  In many ways the changes happening both to government and the world at large appear to many as a strike of lightning.  After all technology and social media are disruptive by their very nature.  Very much like a bolt of lightning  This blog will explore these individual bolts of lightning and will attempt to bring clarity to some of the issues that impact all of us.

Lovisa has always been interested in how technology can be leveraged to enable people to accomplish more with less and as a way to build communities.  She is by nature a problem solver, creative thinker and enjoys engaging with others.  She lives at the Intersection and uses her experiences in the Intersection to innovate new ways to solving the problem on how to make government more functional for citizens and as a larger player in the world ecosystem.   Lovisa is a global citizen and looks for ways to collaborate beyond her national boundaries.  She is interested in solutions that will bring people of all walks of life together for a better existence.

Lovisa is an active participant and leader in the Government 2.0 community.  Most recently she helped Alan W. Silberberg organize the first Government 2.0 Camp in Los Angeles, CA.  She continues to volunteer her time to the community through participation in the Social Media Club – DC and with her work on the Federal Web Managers Sub Council for Social Media.  Most recently, Lovisa with Julie Germany, has launched the Mobile Citizen Summit.  This Summit focuses on how to use mobile from a practical perspective.  This event occured on April 16, 2011.  She also serves on the Board of Advisors for Silberberg InnovationsIn addition to blogging here, Lovisa contributes to The Community Manager discussing how government is establishing the role of the Community Manager and implementing community management practices.  Lovisa has traveled and lived abroad and considers exposure to different cultures and languages to be pivotal to the future of both government and as a global citizen.

Lovisa is an employee of the United States Department of State.  She has been with the Department of State for fourteen years in both traditional Information Technology roles and also as the Deputy Director for the Department’s  first social media office – The Office of Innovative Engagement.  The viewpoints, opinions and ideas expressed here do not represent the official opinion or policy of the United States Government or the Department of State.

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