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Digital Diplomacy Coalition (DDC):

I am on the Leadership Team for the Digital Diplomacy Coalition.  The DDC is a grassroots volunteer organization.  The mission of the DDC is to provide digital diplomats a network of social media users in the diplomatic community the opportunity to come together to share ideas and best practices, network and learn from each other.  The DDC organizes monthly events in the Washington DC area.DDC_logo

On February 21, 2013, I was the lead in organizing the first Digital Diplomacy Open House.  This is the DDC event for February and was held in conjunction with Social Media Week DC.  

Press on the Digital Diplomacy Open House:

Mobile Citizen Summit:

Julie Germany and I are the co-founders of the Mobile Citizen Summit.  This event took place on April 16, 2011 at Microsoft’s offices in Chevy Chase, MD.  The focus of the Summit was on how we can leverage mobile technology for the good of all citizens.

Pre-Event Interview on Gov 2.0 Radio

Huffington Post Article

Gov 2.0 LA:

I am one of the organizers for the Gov 2.0 LA conference.  I have been largely responsible for the development of the program and speaker selection.  This event is an annual event that occurs in February in Los Angeles.  The goal of the Gov 2.0 LA conference is to bring together technologists, entrepreneurs, government employees from all levels of government and from non-U.S. governments.  We are working to find new ways to connect people with problems with those who can provide solutions in order to help governments provide better services to their citizens.  For more information on Gov 2.0 LA please visit our website at


I have been recently written up as a business case in Charlene Li’s new book Open Leadership

Contributing Blogger to The Community Manager

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